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Writing scan for stocks with close and open in upper portion of range

Hello, I would like help creating a scan that will show me only stocks that have the daily open and close in the upper range. i.e. between 75-100% of the range. Essentially a hammer, but I want to learn the exact coding for this so i can play around with values i.e. 75% or 80% or 90% etc. Thank you.

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    markdmarkd mod
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    The open and close would above the low plus three quarters of the range (range * .75). Range is high - low (meaning high and low made during the trading session - it does not use the previous close in case of a gap).


    and [close > low + [range * .75]]
    and [open > low + [range * .75]]

    Note that brackets [ ] are used instead of parentheses ( ) in scan code. That's because parentheses are reserved for use in functions like "sma(10, close)" or "MACD Line(12,21,9)".


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    Thank you so much. This is exactly what i needed. Now i know where i can come for some more help. I didnt even know this S.C.A.N. existed. This is great!!!
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