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I'm trying to write a technical scan alert but have a few questions first.
#1 how many alerts can I receive ?
#2 I have six different chart lists will it check them all ?
#3 would this be the way to write this scan alert And [ Today's sma (50)>sma (200) ] ?


  • 1 The number of alerts depend on your membership level. When you are in the Advanced Alerts workbench it will tell you how many you have and how many you've used.

    2 Think of an Alert as the same thing as a Scan. You can run Scans against your chartlist(s). You would just add them to the beginning of the code using the ChartLists dropdown. Make sure to use OR in between them and not AND.

    //Alert looks at these ChartLists

    [favorites list is 52] // SC DJ Industry sectors
    or [favorites list is 179] // Weinstein Stage 2
    or [favorites list is 59] // IPO list 2018-19
    or [favorites list is 112] // IPO list from IPO scan
    or [favorites list is 81] // 7xx SmlMidQQQ Timeliness Picks

    3 You need to tell the engine what the SMA 50 and SMA 200 are. Using the Dropdown in the Technical Attributes, the default is

    and [SMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    See the 50,volume?

    You will need to change the volume to a Price indication, if that's what you are looking for. Price is one of High, Low, Close, Open. So SMA 50 High > SMA 200 Open. or whatever prices you want to consider the MA of.
    The MA doesn't need to be only volume or price. It can be MACD, or BB% or any pretty much any other indicator that exists in the system.

    Using the dropdowns and Add will show you the formats how the scanning code expects to see it. You can then modify it from there.

  • Thank you its much appreciated
  • so My alert was triggered at 9:33 this morning but I don't see any tickers?
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited December 2020
    Your alert is set up to email you? If not, do so. I have no idea what Workbench notification actually does other than let you know that the alert was triggered
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