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Sector and Industry chart lists in Candleglance

markdmarkd mod
edited December 2020 in Market Analysis
Grayson's post this week is about selecting stocks by drilling down through Sector Summary to Industry Summary to industry chart lists.

One of the comments on Youtube is that you can't easily put a summary page into candleglance. All the drill down pages allow you to see the sector etf charts in candleglance, but not the industry or stock summary pages.

I agree it would be a tremendous improvement to have a the appropriate candleglance option on each type of summary page. But until then, as a substitute for the complex workaround the Youtube contributor described, you could create industry lists up front. These would be viewable in candleglance right away. It takes an effort to set up the lists, but it eliminates the rigamarole of creating ad hoc lists each time you do a review that interrupts your flow of thinking.

Some subscribers may not be able to create a separate list for every industry without eliminating some existing lists, due to the list limit.

You can add lists for each industry from the advanced scan page just by selecting the industry from the Sector and Industry drop down, running the scan and saving the results in a list (there will be a problem with some industries, like Banks, or Biotech, that have more that 500 symbols).

The catch with that approach is it can get a lot of very small or illiquid stocks that you wouldn't consider trading. Here's a link to a previous post where I copied in a scan of mine that allows you to specify some characteristics of the stocks you want to trade, by removing (or adding back) the "//" in front of any line.

Note this was posted some time ago, so some industries may have been added or removed or re-categorized (changed Sectors). You can get current industries from the Sectors and Industries drop down and edit the scan.
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