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Entering stock screen...?

I have become a new member today and I am excited to use the service. In particular, I would like to use the stock screener. I have played around with it but I want to be for sure I am scanning correctly. 

How would I type in the following 

Us stocks 

Volume above 1000000 

One month (Approximately 21 day) sma above 10 month (approx 210 days) sma 

If possible ...also

Earnings per share above .00 

P/E below 30 

Share price above $2.00 

Thanks for the help...I’ve done the us stocks portion, however, these other elements are beyond my experience level.

With Appreciation,



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2021
    The new scan workbench allows you to select your scan conditions from the drop downs below the scan writing window. Often you will need to edit the values or the parameters for your own needs, but you don't have to guess at the syntax very much at all.

    Since you wouldn't learn anything if one of us just wrote the scan for you, I would recommend you invest some time with the extensive scanning documentation available in chart school. There are step by step instructions, and videos and also many pre-written scans you can use directly or edit to suit.

    The scan language may appear intimidating at first, but it is very close to natural language, except for a few syntax requirements. There are none of the complications of "real" programming, so just dive right in.

    You could begin with the Chart School page, where scanning resources are linked at the bottom of the page, or you can just jump in here:

    Start small to get a feel for it. Then add conditions as you need them.

    If you get stuck, post the code you have put together so far and explain what it doesn't do that you need.

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