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how to leave certain stocks out of a scan

Hello, I have a WATCHLIST that i continuously update on a weekly basis. I run the same scan every week and hope for new stocks to add to my WATCHLIST. The problem is that this 'new' list of stocks from the most current scan includes some names of stocks that are already in the WATCHLIST.

My question is: How can i write a scan in such a way to include a clause to leave out all stocks that are currently in my WATCHLIST, therefore ensuring me that all the results i get are completely new stocks that are NOT in my WATCHLIST already?

Many thanks in advance.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2021
    This should work:

    and [favorites list is not 24]

    Substitute your own list of course. The best way to do this is to select your list from the Chart Lists drop down under the scan writing window, the edit it by adding the word "not". It may be fixed now, but in the past, when I typed in "favorites list is 9" (for instance) myself, the scan engine wouldn't read it. But it always does when you select it from the drop down.
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    Thank you so much Mark. Much appreciated.
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    Perhaps this can be helpfull also : under 'Charts & Tools" there is an IPO listing available with the tickers, actually for the period October 15, '20 till 'Today' (see selection button for your timeframe)|t=-2
    In the same respect, I'm still searching/looking for an actual listing of the so-called 'Shell Companies' or Blank check
    (SEC Classification 6670)
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    If I understand it correctly, the SPACs don't actually trade until they make an acquisition, and then they are listed as an IPO. Is that right?
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    SPACs trade. There are many, oh so many, on the exchanges. When they "merge", they will trade under a new symbol. SPCE was a blank check IPOA I believe, Might have been IPOB. The IPOx series is expected to go to A-Z at some point. I think he's up to F now.

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    @lmkwin tx!
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