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chart for ticker !BINAHTTSDW

How do I make a chart for ticker !BINAHTTSDW ? It's about the Haller trend. I watched a youtube video for a similar ticker but I can't get my ticker to look anywhere near as what the guy in the video produced. -- Hope you can help. == Thanks The video is linked as follows:


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    The upper chart is daily, 20 years, chart type "Histogram", not candle or ohlc, etc.

    The price chart below is "Price" from the Indicators drop down.

    I'm guessing the lines over the Price indicator were put in using the Annotation tool.
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    Another interesting set of indicator symbols are the Zahorchak Method symbols
    Greg Morris wrote several articles on them in the past.

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    I appreciate all your comments - Thank You. -- I need to take time to study the circumstances
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