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I ask this question before and I got the answer back but some how imho we need to get stockcharts to fix this problem. Every time I run a scan and go to the next one I have to go back and open stockcharts again, unless I'm missing something (help me if I'am) this is a real pain.
I run run 12 different scans and three different price ranges every night. any suggestions?


  • That shouldn't be. I've never had that problem running dozens of scans nightly. It sounds like a browser settings issue. I use Firefox. In one window, I open Stockcharts and go to the scan page and run the first scan. The scan results open in a separate window the first time you run the scan. Then you should be able to go back to window you ran the first scan from and run the next scan. Those result will overwrite the results from the first scan in the second window.

    If something else is happening, check your browser settings. I have no idea what they are - mine works this way "out of the box".
  • I'm use Chrome, I open 3 tabs to the SC homepage and work off of each. I have a couple doing scans. When I run the scan it opens results in a new tab. So now I have 4 tabs on StockCharts. Run another scan off the other tab and now I have 5 tabs. Click on a result in the scan results it opens the chart in a new tab so now 6 tabs......
  • The scan results open in a separate window the first time you run the scan. that only happens for me once in awhile, I will check settings.

    thank you
  • thank you Imkwin that's what Markd just explained also.
  • Thx you Markd
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2021
    Hi @gerry64 ,

    I found something that might be relevant to your question.

    If you run your first scan from the DASHBOARD page, you don't get a new window or tab. You have to hit the page back button on your browser to go back to the dashboard page and run the next one.

    If you run your first scan from the scan workbench page, you do get a window or tab. Oddly enough, if you leave that new window open, and go back from the scan workbench to the dashboard and now run a scan from there, the results will show up in the new window and you can go back and forth.

    Kinda quirky. Came across it by accident.
  • Yes thx you, it works and I forgot to tell you that fixed my problem thxs again Markd
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