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customizing the dashboard

I have tried customizing my dashboard by adding data panels, setting them up and then "saving preferences".

The changes "stick" as long as I am logged in to Stockcharts, and even if I log out and later log back in again, as long as I don't close my browser (Firefox).

But, if I close the browser, when I open it again and log in to Stockcharts, my "preferences" are gone and "default" (I guess) set up appears instead.

I've tried whitelisting Stockcharts for cookies, but that doesn't do it.

I asked Support but haven't heard back for two days.

Any thoughts, anyone?


  • Support will probably tell you to clear the cache on the browser.

    That has worked for me several times if something isn't working correctly.
  • If you don't mind my asking, have you made this feature work, so that you can close your browser (all instances) and come back to Stockcharts and your dashboard preferences are still there?
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