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Scan Alert

I am trying to figure it out how to setup 'Alert' for

1-month price closed above 10-month SMA

1-month price closed below 10-month SMA

How do I create alert?


  • I don't use the alerts, but I understand they work like scans. So, you would scan for your conditions like this:

    I am assuming you mean the current close closes above or below the sma10 for the first time.

    For the cross above, it would be

    and [monthly close x monthly sma(10, monthly close)]

    For the cross below, the terms just switch sides

    and [monthly sma(10, monthly close) x monthly close]

    I think you also need to select a group (like DOW30 or SP500) or one of your Chart Lists. You can select one from the drop downs below the alert (or scan) window. The group or list should be the very first line of your scan.

    You probably want two separate alerts, one for the cross above, one for cross below.

    Since you are asking for conditions in the monthly time frame, but scanning intraday, there may not be much advantage to using alerts rather than scans at the end of the day, which I think can be more flexible. But that is for you to decide.

    Be sure to read ALL the alerts documentation to get a feel for how they work.

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