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Would anyone be able to tell me away to copy a watch list from Stockcharts and transfer it to a watch list on TDA? as it is right now I have to manually type in each ticker to tda..


  • The way to get data out of stockcharts is to download scan results as a .csv file. (.csv stands for "comma separated values"; the file is a long list of data items separated by commas).

    So, you would have to find out if TDA allows you to UPLOAD a .csv file. The stockcharts csv file will contain data other than the symbols, so you will probably have to delete those extra columns of data.

    If you don't have Excel to open and edit the csv file, you may be able to find a free spreadsheet package on Google or elsewhere.
  • According to the documentation on the sites

    For importing into TOS, you can import a file or copy from clipboard

    helpful link:

    In TDA, you can allegedly add multiple symbols in the Add box by separating the symbols with a comma.
  • From TDA help:

    How do I create a watch list?

    Go to My Account > Watch Lists and click Create a new watch list, then follow these steps:

    Enter a name for your watch list using up to 25 characters.
    Add symbols and/or market indices. Enter one or more symbols in the symbol field and click Add, using commas to separate multiple symbols. Select one or more market indices and click Add.

    Option symbols – go to the gear icon in the watch list (after you create your watch list).
    Index symbols - place a "$" before the ticker symbol ($INDU).
    Preferred stock symbols -use a hyphen "-" following the ticker symbol for the common stock (BMY-).
    Class shares - specified with a "." and the class following the ticker symbol for the common stock (BRK.A).
    Warrants - use a "w" or a "+" following the ticker symbol (BDRYW or QPC+).
    Click Create to save your watch list.

    You can have up to 50 watch lists, with up to 200 symbols in each. The watch lists you create will display across your linked accounts.

    Once you’ve created your watch list, use the View menu to choose a view for it from the following choices:

    Mutual fund
    Option analytic

    You can also create your own view, using only the data points you want to see, by clicking Add custom view at the bottom of the View menu.

    Watch lists can also be created using screeners, and from other pages on the web site.
  • thx you markd
  • thxs Imkkwin I got what I need from both you and Markd you guys are great.
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