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Projected End of Day Volume

Is there a fast way to project the end of day volume of a stock as a % of the 50 day sma as the day progresses. I would like to view this % periodically thruout the day for any given stock. I currently manually note the current volume and the 50 sma volume and calculate the % by hand, but this is somewhat tedious.


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    I don't know if it would work but, if the securities you are checking are in a chartlist, you could try a scan that uses that criteria as the RANK BY statement at the end.

    You List

    Rank by Volume / SMA 50 volume.

    It may give you changing percents during the day.

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    Thanks.. will try
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    You could try SMA or EMA envelopes applied to the volume indicator.

    Set Volume "off" in the Chart Attributes section, then add volume as an indicator in the Indicator section. Put a number in the Parameter section to get an EMA (I think its an EMA), then in the "Advanced Options" area (click the icon to the top right - a green triangle with gold star to open them) select "EMA envelope". Then play with the parameters - the first is the EMA length, the second is the % offset. You probably need a big %, like 50 or so. Not perfect. You could try it with and SMA as well.
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    The Rank By appears to work. Percents change with each run.

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