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Hi, Can anyone help me please? What's wrong with this?

[type is stock]

and [MONTHLY SMA(100,Close) > MONTHLY SMA(200,close)]
and [MONTHLY SMA(50,Close) > MONTHLY SMA(100,close)]

rank by sctr


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    same answer as for your other question
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    and SCTR needs brackets.

    If you select the SCTR from the dropdown for PRICE, VOLUME & SCTRS

    it will default into the workbench like this

    and [SCTR >90]

    To change it to a Rank by you would eliminate the AND and replace that with Rank By. If you just want the results ranked by SCTR you would remove the >90 as well leaving the brackets

    Rank By [SCTR]
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    perfect, thank you for your help
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