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Seasonality Charts

On his recent StockCharts TV show, Grayson Rose talked about Seasonality Charts. It was a very good presentation but one thing he said about them isn't accurate and a common misconception.

At the bottom of the Seasonality Chart there is a slider with a number in it. It defaults to 5 but you can drag the edge of the slider to increase or decrease the number showing. The number showing is Calendar periods in years. You can also move the slider to look at different periods.

Looking at a seasonality chart today, with a default of 5, you may think you are looking at 5 years of data. You are really looking at 4 full years of data plus the current YTD for the chart.

So your January seasonality will include 5 years of data, but your March and onward is only reflecting 4 complete years. If you want to see 5 complete years, you need to show 6 on the Seasonality slider.

Otherwise, it was a very good presentation on, what I consider, a valuable resource on
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