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Need to create alert when total of my portfolio exceeds predefined amt

I have 2 stocks in my portfolio and would like to create an alert ( scan?) to get notified when total value of my portfolio exceeds predefined amt:
Something like this:
shares1 * price1 + shares2 * price2 > amt

I know that I can have access to stock prices for one symbol, so the question is can I access prices of 2 diff symbols in the same expression?

Is this doable in StockCharts ?

Thank you,

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    markdmarkd mod
    edited February 2021 Answer ✓
    I don't think you can do it with the scan (or alert) engine.

    The scan engine is designed to examine properties of one symbol at a time (anything in the drop downs under the scan (or alert) writing window). It can manipulate some values (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and compare them to each other (>, <, = ) but, it doesn't have variables to "remember" values as it moves from one symbol to the next. So, it could not remember the result of "close x 100" from the first symbol it encounters when it moves on to the next symbol. (Note you would have to use constants, not variables, for the number of shares and the target amount if you wanted to scan them separately).

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    markdmarkd mod
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    Thanks markd for taking time answering my question ...

    It might be helpful for stockcharts to add the ability to use functions for different symbols in one expression. This would allow to create alerts and scans for the portfolios comprised of multiple securities …

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    @yanstr I believe you can get alerts for multiple symbols in one alert scan by specifying a group or list instead of a single symbol, e.g. [group is sp500] - so anything available in the Chart List drop down, the Indexes and ETFs drop down or the Sectors and Industries drop down. I don't use alerts, but I think you would get notified for each symbol in a group or list that triggers the alert condition.

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    Your brokerage may have some alert functions that would suffice. TD Ameritrade offers various alerting options that are specific to portfolio holdings.

    StockCharts doesn't offer portfolios, they offer ChartLists. If they offered portfolio functions, I'd drop my membership at the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright website. For what it's worth, NDW doesn't offer alerting functions based on portfolio values. They only offer alerts based on individual holdings and the price or chart action of that security.
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    Imkwin - yes, you are right, I am researching some existing brokerages alerts...
    TD ameritrade alerts some how work not as expected … still learning …

    Can anybody point me to the website that allows alerts for portfolios?

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    you can Alert and/or Scan on multiple symbols in one.
    This one looks at specific symbol for a cross below a certain price, but you can modify the statements to meet pretty much anything that StockCharts allows to be included in a statement.

    [symbol is 'MSFT'] and [23 x Close]
    OR [symbol is 'AMZN'] and [23 x Close]
    OR [symbol is 'GOOG'] and [23 x Close]

    TDA is in process of merging with Schwab. Maybe Schwab will have "portfolio" alerting based on value of specific holdings.

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    markd thank you for the tip!

    Will check it out!
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