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indicator that shows higher lows 5 days in a row

is there a indicator that shows how many updays in a row that a stock has?


  • I don't think that there is anything that will give you THE number. If you use a chartstyle type that shows the Open and Close relationship, like Candlstick, OHLC, etc, you can color them for easier visual identification.

    In the MarketCarpet you can get an indication using the Up Days-Down Days option. MarketCarpet is also an option on your ChartLists to view.
  • i was hoping for a visual indicator that i can see on any chart without using a method for scanning. afterall, there is a whole bunch of indicator systems out there. I this the following 3 as missing ones that can be a overlay(highest range in 7 days, lowest range in 7 days, up days in x bars)
  • I think the closest you can get is a price channel. It tells you whether the current high (or low) is the highest (channel ticks up) or lowest (channel ticks down) in x bars (the length of the channel).

    It doesn't tell you how it got there though - e.g. 5 consecutive higher highs or two non- consecutive higher highs, etc.

    For range, ATR (average true range). You can set it to ATR to 1, then use a price channel set to 7 (or whatever) to show extremes. 7 day extremes will move the channel lines.
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