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How to excluse a specific sector from a scan

How would I go about excluding a specific sector or group from the below scan?
[today's daily EMA(5) x today's daily SMA(8)]

and [[favorites list is 61] // Bowley - RGCL - March 1, 2021
or [favorites list is 49] // Bowley - SADCL - February 8, 2021
or [favorites list is 8] // Bowley - SECL #1 - March 1, 2021
or [favorites list is 20] // Bowley - SECL #2 - March 1, 2021

or [favorites list is 28]] // Bowley - SFECL - March 1, 2021


Gary Bird

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  • 71Warhawk71Warhawk
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    Thank you Sir. I appreciate you help and your caring to help me and others.

    All the Best,

    Gary Bird


  • Select the sector or group from the Sectors and Industries dropdown, or the Indexes dropdown. Add it. It will default to

    and [group is CyclicalsSector] for example.

    You would put a NOT after is so it would read

    and [group is not CyclicalsSector]
  • That's what this forum is for. Sharing and caring.
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