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question, how the heck do I use vwap (volume weighted average price indicator) I placed as an overlay on my chart and I don't see anything


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    Are you using an intraday time frame - hour, 5min, etc. ?

    Chart School says it only works on intraday.
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    In ACP you have to tell the VWAP where to start. It will show on all time scales. Try scrolling the chart. Scroll down to make you time frame bigger. Up to make it smaller. It should be showing, but I find that the darn scrollwheel makes everything tougher.
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    Thx you Markd that was my mistake, I was doing it daily.
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    thx you Imkwin will also try that
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    I've inadvertently move ACP charts to the right sometimes and the current period is no longer on the chart but....... It's my fault for moving my mouse in ACP. It's very frustrating.
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    Sorry @gerry64. I was apparently referring to "Anchored" VWAP. That is available on ACP ONLY and works on all time frame.

    @markd is correct. The VWAP in the SharpCharts is only available on Intraday time frames. It will show over multiple days, but only if the intraday time periods are selected.

    My bad for the dis/misinformation.
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