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hi, does anyone have a short squeeze scan to share


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    I don't believe that StockCharts tracks short or percentage short, so you'd need to create a list off of some site that does, then run squeeze type scan against that list.

    I presume that a squeeze would involve a tightening of the Bollinger Bands so you could look at the BB Width for that.

    Tom Bowley at Earnings Beats provides a "Short Squeeze" list that is updated every quarter or so.
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2021
    If you search for "short squeeze" on Youtube, there is a ton of stuff. But, I"m not sure BB squeeze and short squeeze are interchangeable - although no reason a short squeeze stock could not get a BB squeeze set up.

    I think short squeeze is meant to refer to a stock with very high short interest that could skyrocket on positive news (or a raid on the shorts, like AMC and GME). Stockcharts does not offer short interest data (so far), but you can get it on (finviz is a gold mine for fundamental data filtering), But, as some of the Youtube videos mention, this data is not always up to date.

    So, you may not be able to catch a short squeeze before it happens on purely technical patterns, but you might have some luck spotting them once they are underway. One way might be

    // stock is doing poorly, so maybe a lot of shorts

    and [sma(200, close) < 50 days ago sma(200, close)] // stock is falling long term
    and [sma(50, close) < 10 days ago sma(50, close)] // stock is also falling short term
    and [sma(50, close) < sma(200, close)] // short MA below the long MA

    and [1 day ago high < 1 day ago sma(50, close)] // price was below the 50 MA yesterday; omit?

    // something scared the shorts

    and [low > 1 day ago high] // opens above yesterday's range and stays above it
    and [volume > sma(21, volume) * 3] // big volume
    and [range > atr(21) * 2] // big range

    I haven't tested this. I don't know what the results are. But looking at AMC and GME, this sort of test (maybe with some tweaking of the parameters) ought to pick up at least some of them pretty early. It will get junk, too, but that always happens.

    Where it says "omit?" - this line will filter out squeezes already underway for a few days. Most of them don't last too long, but if you comment out this line, you can make up your own mind if it's too late. Also, some squeezes may not start out this way (big gap that doesn't close), so you could change "low > 1 day ago high" to "open > 1 day ago high" to catch squeezes that include a retracement of the initial jump open.
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    Using the Finviz Float Short filter it appears that the candidates fall pretty evenly into 2 categories. The ones that have gone UP a lot, and the ones that haven't. IPO's also appear to make up a smaller subset of both.
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    thank you all, will check out
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    @markd gave you one in the prior response.
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