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slow stochastics as overlay for price indicator

A Slow stochastics overlay to a heikin-ashi formatted chart is significantly different from a slow stochastics overlay to regular candlesticks chart.

I'm trying to create a heikin-ashi formatted main chart and then a regular candlestick chart below it with a slow stochastics overlay... but slow stochastics is not offered as an overlay other than on the main chart.

Similarly, there is no option for Heikin-ashi format style for price charts unless the chart happens to be the main charts.

I need to see a slow stochastics overlay to regular candlestick chart but also want to see a Heikin Ashi style chart as well. How can I do both?


  • You'd have to use the Full Stochastic. Call up the symbol In the HA style chart, then in the Indicators use either the Price indicator or the Price Performance indicator and $Symbol for the parameter. Then select Candlestick for the Style. In the overlay for that Price indicator select the Full Stochastic
  • @lmkwin, excellent answer. I would just add, if you don't actually want to see the prices in the Price chart (in other words, you really just want to get the data for the indicator), you can set opacity to zero. That makes it easier to read the Full Stochastics indicator.
  • and you can also do the same thing on the indicator as well. Set the Opacity to 0 and only the Overlay will show.
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