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Ichimoku Scan

Newb here.. I am trying to scan for stock price three bars above Ichimoku Cloud. Separate scan for one bar below the cloud. Thanks,


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    For scanning purposes, you have to choose which Ichi value you want to cross. See the Technical Indicators drop down for possible values. If you need to, also read the Ichi article in Chart School to see what all those values are.

    Suppose you choose "Base Line". Then your scan might be:

    [exchange is NYSE]
    and [3 days ago close x 3 days ago Ichimoku Base Line(9,26,52)]

    The "x" operator means "crossed above".
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    In the Predefined Scans page (access either through your Member Tools or in the Charts & Tools header link)

    There are scans built for cross above and cross below the Ichimoku Cloud, as well as other common scans. When you open the scan results, there is a link in the upper right that says "Click here to edit this scan". When you do this it will open the Advanced Scan Workbench with the code for that scan filled in.

    You can change the code by adding/changing/deleting things that you want and then saving it as one of YOUR scans. This is how I learned how the scan engine works, as well as reading the StockCharts help (very extensive videos and articles available) as well as asking questions on this forum.
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