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Does the $SPX usually rise just before Memorial Day>


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    markdmarkd mod
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    Check the $SPX chart.

    You can use the "range" option under the chart on the chart workbench to "select start/end" - use dates a few days before and a few days after and change the year each time.


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You can also search the Blog posts on StockCharts for Memorial Day to see if anyone discussed holiday seasonality. There are a few articles there.

    from 2020 "This week could be an important time as it is the week before a long weekend (Memorial Day on Monday) and periods around holidays can mark reversals in the market."

    from 2018
    "Historical Tendencies
    After the close today, Wall Street turns to a seasonally bullish period. The following are the NASDAQ annualized returns since 1971 for each of calendar days within the period (May 26 through June 5):

    May 26 (Saturday): +69.37%
    May 27 (Sunday): +139.95%
    May 28 (Monday - Memorial Day): +50.81%
    May 29 (Tuesday): -42.08%
    May 30 (Wednesday): +33.43%
    May 31 (Thursday): +16.98%
    June 1 (Friday): +65.17%
    June 2 (Saturday): +113.56%
    June 3 (Sunday): -47.15%
    June 4 (Monday): +59.92%
    June 5 (Tuesday): +85.75%"

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