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Scanning for a particular Stock's all time high indicator

Scanning for a particular Stock's all time high RSI for the entire history of that stock.


  • I cant't seem to figure out the code for Monthly RSI highest in that particular stock history. for example scanning the highest Rsi for AAPL in its history of (AAPL history). to tell me what month and year that happened.(monthly chart) THANKS
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2021
    The scan engine only returns symbols (and some associated data for the results page). It is designed to find symbols that meet conditions (data values) you specify (presumably a trade set up), not data about a symbol you specify.

    Note that alerts do look for data for a specified symbol, but alerts look at incoming data, not historical data.

    You could run multiple scans looking for say a monthly max RSI over some level over say a year. But it would probably be faster to just review a monthly chart. You may need a pro level subscription to go back far enough to see AAPL's whole history.
  • Thank you Imkwin and Markd
  • How would I write the alert or scan asking to scan if RSI is at its highest right now in the last 10 years.
  • I think the scan engine goes back only six or eight years. Charts go back much farther, depending on your subscription level.

    But to get the current value is max value in a scan:

    [group is sp500]

    and [monthly RSI(14) = monthly max(12, monthly RSI(14))]

    That says, the current monthly RSI is the highest in twelve months.
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