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ttm squeeze

Could some one please help me load ttm squeeze?


  • Where are you trying to "load" it?
  • I mean load it thru stockcharts

    The TTM Squeeze indicator can be charted on StockChartsACP after installing our free Advanced Indicator Pack. Please see our StockChartsACP Plug-Ins article in the Support Center for more information on installing this plug-in.

  • ACP Only indicators.

    TOS indicator as well.

    You can set the Bollinger bands and Keltner Channel on your chart to the settings and visually review if you think that it adds value. I don't use it
  • I'm terrible at this I thought I would beable to just add ttm to the charts I already have?
  • ACP ONLY is the latest rage for "the team" and Grayson. No scanning allowed on these great indicators. No charting on SharpCharts. But... great news.... 2021 is going to be the year that tremendous improvements are coming to the legacy platform. Oh, you just wait and see.
  • Yea I don't understand html or how to use it, I'll have to have some come and install for me. I told I know nothing about this stuff lol
  • You don't need to know programming. Pull up a SharpChart. At the bottom of the chart click on ACP.

    ACP will open with the symbol you had showing. In the lower right of the ACP chart is a Plug icon. Click on the Plug and a window slides out.

    Install the StockCharts Advanced Indicator Pack

    Then scroll down the indicator listing on the left of the chart and the Advanced Indicator Pack is grouped there. Click on the TTM Squeeze to add it to your chart.

    TTM Squeeze will be added to your ACP chart.

  • thx you, it looks like its impossible to put over lays over ttm
  • Also can I apply this new style to my old chart lists? or do I make new lists using acp chart? is there away to change the defualt?
  • ACP is a separate system but you can set the chartstyles up in ACP and save them. You can apply ACP chartstyles to your existing chartlists. You can set up overlays and apply them to indicators. If you click on the data box for an indicator you can drag it and drop it in other panels or move them about. The data box is the white box in the upper left corner of the panel.

    There is a leaning curve to it but all can be done in ACP, with a few exceptions, like scanning using the ACP Only indicators.

    Here's AAPL with the TTM Squeeze put in the Price Chart panel

    I do not use ACP for much of much at all. I don't like it. There is a slew of help and videos on how to use and setup ACP. In the very upper right corner of the ACP chart is a question mark icon. That will lead you to where all questions are answered.

  • Thx you for all the help.
  • If I could set ttmsqueeze up in sharp charts that was my goal to begin with.
  • NO can do in sharpcharts. You can set the bollinger band and the keltner channel on the sharpchart. Set them as Area. Where the bollinger pinches inside the Keltner you have a squeeze (or is it the other way around?). I don't see the value in it but I'm not a short term trader. I'm more of a PnF type anyway. Nothing for me in ACP.

    They hired a new guy to do analysis using ACP charts in his blog/videos. I like the new guy (Joe something), but good luck making heads or tails on his analysis. Arthur Hill is using screen shots on his blog for ACP. Of course, Arthur has a plug in for sale so there's that.
  • well i read the articles and watched the video's, still don't understand how to place an overlay on ttm squeeze..
  • Might want to shoot Grayson a message on that. He'll get "the team" to assist. Doesn't look like Squeeze has an overlay option at the moment. I didn't check it out thoroughly before my prior response. The options are there for increasing and decreasing positive and negative bars I don't see Overlays on TTM Squeeze on TOS at the moment either.
  • Thx you for all your help
  • One more question for you, is there away to scan for stocks with certain size floats? say floats under 75million?
  • I don't think that is available on StochCharts. You can get Shares Outstanding, but not float. has a listing but it's much lower than 75 million.

    Finviz has a Float filter available on it's free screener but segments it to under 20 mill, under 50 mill, under 100 mill, etc. If you are a paid subscriber on there, I believe that you can use custom values.
  • thxs again
  • Well I guess I should have ask how you write the scan fo outstand as that would still be a help? tia
  • I'm assuming you are familiar with the advanced scan workbench. We've been corresponding for a while.

    On the dropdown for Ticker Properties is the Shares Outstanding.

    The last reported number of outstanding shares for the security. Outstanding Shares is reported in millions, so a value of 100 means 100 million shares.
  • again thxs for all your help.
  • If you look on finviz (per my answer to your "float" question), you will see that shares outstanding and float are mostly nearly equal. So, scanning for shares outstanding as @lmkwin suggests is probably close enough.
  • On Finviz, it all depends on the universe that you choose. On the large indexes, or the largest shares outstanding stocks, it's probably not a big difference. Finviz only has a predefined Index for DJIA and SP500 but you can filter for greater than a billion shares outstanding. The float difference doesn't appear to be significant. When you get away from them it can be a significant difference depending on the preferences you choose.
  • Thx you Mark and Imkwin for all the help. btw I tried reaching out to support but as usual they never get back with me.
    I have probably sent them a dozen messages over the last couple years with never a response from them.
    They did how ever send me a message telling me they were going to auto renew my subscription lol.
    Do any of the rest of you have problems with them getting back to you via email?
  • I think it depends on the question and the person reviewing the question. Most of their people haven't been there for over 3 years now. Almost a complete turnover of crew. I sent an issue with the log in this morning and haven't heard back yet.
  • after trying acp for 10 days I agree with you, it sucks. I wished they would just ad ttmSqueeze to old charts and let me place some over lays on them. lol
  • I try to be helpful on this forum. I don't like when people ask questions about ACP. If I'm going to answer or assist, that means I got to go there. I'm sure that it's got benefits. Multi timeframe views come to mind, but it's got so many deficiencies, from a user standpoint, that it's undesirable in my opinion. One bad movement with your scroll wheel or click of the mouse and you've F'd yourself and you don't even know it.

    It also doesn't support any of the charts and chartstyles I use. You can't even call it a gussied up CandleGlance. I see no benefits, but "the team" is raking in the dough as that is pretty much all that they are working on as far as I can tell.

    Grayson called 2021 the year that the Sharpcharts system was going to see major improvements.
  • 2021 the year that the Sharpcharts system was going to see major improvements.

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