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!PMORISALL Components

Hi, I use !PMORISALL everyday with the SPX version to compare market breadth, but the stockcharts index doesn't actually state which indexes the !pmorisall tracks. Anyone know how I can find out? Thanks, Misty


  • btw the !pmorisall is the % stocks with rising pmo, on "all" indexes..whatever that means.
  • If you put the symbol into the Magnifying glass icon, hit enter, and then select Symbols. way over on the right side for the symbol may be a Mentions icon.

    Click on that for more information on the symbol.

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    Thanks, yeah I know I saw that, but it just says "selected us indexes and etfs" and makes no mention of which broad indexes are included. This information is important for putting context to the data- !pmorisspx is explanatory, but this one has more volatility, which I don't really understand, I thought it would be reversed and the spx version would have more volatility since the ALL version should track more of the market. Either way I'd really like to know which indexes are being tracked on it. I suppose I'll text their customer support if no one knows.
  • If I had to guess, I'd say that it's a accumulation of these

  • yes probably.. shame really- all of these are skewed the the large marketcap.. i was hoping it would maybe be a completion index, but seeing that the small caps aren't one of the other listed indexes it seems rather unlikely. Thank you
  • Decision Point does have many indicators that apply to the SP600 small cap and SP400 midcap. I just don't see a !PMORISSML or !PMORISMID.

    I tend to focus on the SML and MID and QQQ for my mix. I don't use the Decision Point indicators on any charts.

    If you want to download the Decision Point ChartPack. Go to your account settings on Then click on the Manage ChartPacks. The Decision Point chartlists are available there for you to install. I think it's around 30 lists in total. You can check them out, delete the lists you don't like or combine them together if desired.
  • Not sure, exactly what you're trying to do, but I would pull-up Wilshire 5000 ($WLSH) and Then look at the PMO indicator, for that. That should give u an Overall PMO, of the market.
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