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Hi- I'm an uh, older enthusiastic member but can't find Grayson Roze's suggestions for downloads

cant understand why this should be different from the question

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  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    No idea what the downloads you are asking about are? Chartpacks? ACP Plug-ins? Do you have any more hints?


  • Grayson is suggesting you download the Moxie Indicator from StockCharts. The first thing you need to do is withdraw money from your bank account, because the plugin costs FOUR HUNDRED NINETY SEVEN DOLLARS.
  • There are many FREE plug-ins as well. There are also FREE ChartLists available as well. Moxie is for daytrading and, if I'm interpreting the video correctly, it's a secondary indicator. And sometimes you can just ignore it.

    Very similar to the analysis of Joe Rabil. He says ADX, ADX, ADX, and then his analysis ignores ADX most of the time. I'm so glad that I'm not a trader. They get tied in knots. Or Tom Bowley. Love Tom Bowley, and Joe Rabil for that matter, but he talks AD, AD, AD, RS, RS, RS and then you look at the recommendations or analysis and he often doesn't even look at it. Instead only looking at the only thing that matters. The PRICE CHART. I subscribed to his service over at Earnings Beats for a couple quarters. If you have access to Zacks free site, you can replicate many of the lists. Access to StockCharts, you can replicate other lists. If you want someone to do their work and sell it to you, there are plenty of places to spend your money.
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