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Chart list sorted by sector

There appears to have been a change to the way chart lists are sorted when saved. Roughly 2 weeks ago I had positions numbered in several lists, they were sorted by industry sector, then they were scrambled. Now when I try to save a new entry in a list it doesn't sort to the proper industry ? Any help is appreciated.


  • Maybe some programming tests were being done and effected the lists on some accounts? I haven't noticed any changes on my lists. Doesn't mean they didn't happen, just that I haven't noticed any.

    I just went to one of my lists and did a sort on sector and saved it. Seems to be working as it did before. If I were to add a new symbol to the list, I would have to re-sort, re-number the list to put the new symbol in the preferred order. You do mention Sector in the title and then industry in the question. Sometimes if I click in the sort by sector, the industries aren't lined up. I click on the Industry sort and then click on the sector sort and that usually clears it up for me.
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