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Chart list sorted by sector

There appears to have been a change to the way chart lists are sorted when saved. Roughly 2 weeks ago I had positions numbered in several lists, they were sorted by industry sector, then they were scrambled. Now when I try to save a new entry in a list it doesn't sort to the proper industry ? Any help is appreciated.


  • Maybe some programming tests were being done and effected the lists on some accounts? I haven't noticed any changes on my lists. Doesn't mean they didn't happen, just that I haven't noticed any.

    I just went to one of my lists and did a sort on sector and saved it. Seems to be working as it did before. If I were to add a new symbol to the list, I would have to re-sort, re-number the list to put the new symbol in the preferred order. You do mention Sector in the title and then industry in the question. Sometimes if I click in the sort by sector, the industries aren't lined up. I click on the Industry sort and then click on the sector sort and that usually clears it up for me.
  • Thanks for the help
  • Some sorting tips (you may already know):

    An unsorted list will default to alphabetical by symbol.

    Any sorting method will add 4 numbers (0010, 0020, etc.) preceding the symbol in the name column. (Technically, the list is still sorted alphabetically but by number instead of symbol - but it appears to be sorted by whatever method you chose to sort because that's the order the list was in when you chose to add numbers.)

    There are two methods for sorting.

    The first method is to 1 - include a "rank by" statement in your scan, and 2 - clicking the check box for "preserve sort order" when saving the result to a list.

    The second method is to go to the summary page and click on a column heading (symbol, name, sector, industry, sctr, etc.)

    When you click on the column heading, the column becomes the "active" sort column. It will have a small icon at the top right of the column with an arrow pointing up or down.

    If you want to save the list in the current column order, go to the bottom of the page and click on "number in sorted order". If your list already has numbers in the names, those numbers will stay but a new number will added in front.

    If you want to remove the numbers from the name before re-sorting, go to Edit view, check the rows where you want to remove the numbers (or use Select All) and at the bottom of the page, click on the very last icon (a grey square with a circle and slash).

    You can do multiple levels sorts from the summary page (but not with "rank by" in a scan). For instance, if you have a default sorted list (alpha by name), on the summary page you can sort on SCTR, then Industry, then Sector. Now the symbols will be in Sector order first, then by Industry within Sector, then by SCTR within Industry.

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    Something I do on my actual positions lists is to import it presorted. I'll export my brokerage positions list to CSV. This results in a list that has the security, the name, the qty, the cost, the current value, etc, whatever I have in my brokerage account listing.

    Then I'll sort that list by the largest to the smallest position, for example.

    Then I'll add an indicator in front of the name with the highest being 001, for example, and the lowest being 999. But I'll take it a step further. If you just left it as numbers like that then the resorting of the list inside StockCharts would remove my numbers. I add a letter in front of the numbers so 001 becomes A001 and 999 becomes A999.

    This is just for illustration. I don't have 999 positions.

    I perform this function using the Concatenate feature in Excel. Easy to sort and number in a spreadsheet program.

    Then I'll import that CSV list into StockCharts using the Import feature on the Edit Chartlist function.

    The import CSV has a requirement on the CSV that it will only import the 1st 3 columns and that it have no header row. The 1st column is the symbol. The 2nd column imported into the Name. The 3rd column is imported into the Chart Notes field.

    Only the 1st column is required. The others are optional. I use the 3rd column for the gain/loss values.

    Now, that's just one thought or application for importing a presorted list. You could export to CSV the results of a scan with a rank by to get additional information. Maybe presort your ranking in the NAME field including that criteria and import it back in. The flexibility and options are endless.
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