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Scans vs alerts?

Any reason this doesn’t work?

[type is stock] and [sma(20,volume) > 40000]
and [CCI(20) > 100.0]
and [yesterday’s CCI(20) > 200.0]

Works fine without yesterday in it



  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2021
    For some reason, the scan engine doesn't interpret your apostrophe as an apostrophe. Did you copy in the text from another editor or word processor?

    You could delete the line and type it in again by hand instead of copy/pasting, or you can use "1 day ago" in place of "yesterday's", or you can just use "yesterday" without the " 's ".

    If you are not using the Advanced Editor in the scan window, turn it on. It will give you an error message that is usually pretty accurate. In this case it said "Unidentified text - ' ".
  • Hmmmm. I’ve use yesterday’s plenty of times. I typed it in again and it still failed. Yesterday works well, both as Alert and as a Scan. Thanks
  • when it re-type in yesterday's it works for me. Or if I take the apostrophe out and put it back in, it works for me.

    Most of the Predefined Scans and Alerts use Yesterday's to trip the change.

    My SOP is to use 1 days ago for ease of editing nested scans.

    No idea why that is happening to you purrfessor.
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