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Second stock Overlay

Hi Folks...
This is a great community of brilliant minds.
However navigating the bells and whistles on the Stockcharts Swiss Army knife is a taking away time from trading and from having a life.
I hope someone has already invented the following wheel and can share:
How would I overlay one stock over another to VISUALLY see if one is a leading indicator for timing turns in the 2nd one?
For example...
1 - an ETF overlaid on one of the stocks in the ETF...OR
2 - a commodity ETF overlaid on a stock producing same commodity...OR
3 - one asset class ETF over another
I can do this in my Bank's charting software and on how to do it in Stockcharts?
The "Correlation" function does not tell me this...and the "PRICE (same scale)" function is useless for a visual comparison of turning points.
This would need a function like the PRICE (same scale) function ...but without the "(same scale)".
Thank you kindly for taking a moment to help.

Best Answer

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 26 Accepted Answer
    I think probably what you want is to put one symbol on the main chart (for instance, type AAPL in the Symbol window at the top right of the Chart Workbench page), and for the second select "Price" from the Indicators column below the chart, and type in the second symbol (for instance $SPX) in the "Parameter" column next to Price, and then select "Behind Price" from the "Position" column next to the second symbol.

    That should put AAPL on the chart, probably in Candlestick, or your default style, and $SPX in Line style overlaying the AAPL bars. You can modify the $SPX line to one of the available styles in the Style column back in the Indicator section. If you don't see the Style column, click on the green diamond next to "Advanced Options" next to the Positions column.

    You can add as many overlaid symbols as your subscription allows (when combined with other indicators, but still probably as many as you would need).


  • Thanks Mark...Perfect answer...that is exactly the droid I was searching for. ..LOL.
    The Stockchart website has a huge warren of rabbit holes.
    Please remind me where I would find the number of overlaid symbols my "EXTRA" subscription permits.
  • On the member page, click on your name, click "your account", click "change service level".
  • appears to show a Performance type chart when you add the comparison symbol for the overlay. I'm not a member there and don't know the chart type that you use there. To replicate this on, put Symbol AAPL in the Symbol box. Change the chart Type to Performance. Add Price (Same Scale) overlay with the ETF or whatever you choose as the parameter.

    On SC you have to reverse the shading on the Performance chart so the other price can be shaded if desired by making it a Histogram or Area. I also added the Price Performance indicator at the bottom with $Symbol:$Sector as the parameter, and Histogram as the style. Also added a Red Horizontal Line overlay on that panel with 0:Red as the parameter.

  • Thank you lmkwin..that's perfect.
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