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how to identify NASDAQ 100 at list of stocks

I've searched the website for an answer and cannot find how to make the NASDAQ 100 as my list of stocks. In other words what is the equivalent to

group is sp500




  • In the scan engine, there is a dropdown to select various indexes, sectors and industry groups to a scan. The Indexes, like QQQ, SPY DJIA, etc are in the Indexes & ETFs dropdown. The Sectors and Industry groups are the dropdown below that.

    [group is NASDAQ100]
  • Thank you. I forgot about that “cheat.” Sorry to bother.
  • No bother. We all can help each other. That's what this forum is here for.

    Just remember, if saving the index to a list, that you may want to periodically run the scan again to refresh the list as the indexes do change members over time.
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