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ChartStyles shortcut menu

The ChartStyles shortcut menu (the > carat in the upper left of any chart), shows me all of my ChartStyles, but it is greyed out and does not let me select any.

Is there a setting to fix this?


  • I see this icon only on the Chart Workbench.

    I can't reproduce the error. But when something is "greyed out" it usually means the "focus" - the active part of the screen - is somewhere else. But the focus should move with your cursor clicks, so it seems likely this is some kind of temporary problem - maybe related to your internet connection - like it's temporarily hung up.

    Can you select chart styles from the drop down below the chart? If you can't, and if you haven't already, log out of Stockcharts, close your browser, and re-boot your device. That should clear memory and your cache and your connection. Maybe do that anyway. If it still doesn't work, contact SC Support - include a screen print if possible.
  • Cache clearing often fixes any issues I've had with They say it's a good practice to clear the cache often but I tend to forget about it until I run into an issue.
  • Here's how to clear your cache in any browser:
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