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52 week high SCAN

Is it possible to create a scan which will find stocks "X % < Last 52 week high? ....

Thanks ....


  • In the Predefined Scans there is one for 52 week high. Open it and there is a Click here to edit this scan link in the upper right corner.

    This is the scan for NYSE stocks that made a new 52 week high

    [type = stock] AND [exchange = NYSE] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000] AND [Daily High > Yesterday's Daily MAX(253,Daily High)]

    They use daily instead of weekly to capture new 52 week highs that may occur each day. If looking for weekly prices and max you would change the daily to weekly and change the 253 to 52.

    boiling down your requirements

    Close < Max 253 close less X%


    Close < Max 253 close x 1.00 minus 0.X

    so if X% is 20%, the multiplier 1.00 minus 0.X, becomes 1.00 - 0.20 (or 0.80)

    close < max 253 close x 0.80

  • You may want to specify a per cent *range* under the 52 week high, like less than 80 (.80) AND more than say 75 % (.75). That way you don't get things that are way, way under 80%.
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