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hello help create scan where price has held above 4 ema at least

4 consecutive days. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited October 2021
    Price comes in 4 flavors in StockCharts. High, Low, Close and Open.

    You'd pick the flavor of your choice from the Price, Volume, SCTRs dropdown.

    Then you would select the EMA from the Technical Indicators drop down and change "volume" to your flavor.

    Then you would compare the current flavor to the EMA flavor

    Let's say Close is the price you want to use.

    Basic tests:

    Close > EMA 4 Close // test day 1 current day
    and 1 days ago Close > 1 days ago EMA 4 Close // test day 2
    and 2 days ago Close > 2 days ago EMA 4 Close // test day 3
    and 3 days ago Close > 3 days ago EMA 4 Close // test day 4
    //and 4 days ago Close > 4 days ago EMA 4 Close // optional test day 5

    the AND means that the security must pass ALL of the tests.

    Pass all the tests and the security Close price was above the EMA 4 Close price for current period and each of the last 4 days.

    You can also pick different flavors so you may want the EMA 4 Low compared to Open. Or any combination you want.

    You could also pick different periods by adding weekly or monthly in front of the flavor and EMA. Default is daily. AND.... no, you can't scan on intraday time frames.

  • Thanks Imkwin, was looking at this for EOD data. Will test it out tonight!
  • Hi Imkwin, I tried it but keep getting error messages. could you possibly write out the first couple of lines the way they should be input into the scan engine? Thanks!
  • fixed it thanks!
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