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Saving RRG Charts

edited October 2014 in SharpCharts
instruction for saving chart is to click linkable version. I see no tab on the chart to do that. looking for whatever works. thanks, hank

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  • gordgord admin
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    Hank here's a picture and the written instructions.

    Saving an RRG Chart

    Members can click the “Linkable version” link located below the symbol table to get a link to their chart that can be bookmarked and/or used in web links. To bookmark that link, follow these steps:

    1 Click on “Show Linkable Version”
    2 Click on the link that appears to reload your chart from that link
    3 Use your browser's Bookmark command (“Bookmark/Add Bookmark…” or “Bookmarks/Bookmark This Page” or “Favorites Star/Add to Favorites” etc.)

    full instructions here


  • Just to add a little to this discussion.

    As Gord describes it is definitely the way to save a RRG chart. But what I noticed is that it also saves the specific date when the RRG was created. So when you use the bookmark say a month later the RRG will be positioned at the date it was saved while new data have already come in. So you have to manually slide the area on the benchmark chart to the right to see the up-to-date RRG.

    It took me a few minutes to figure that out B)
  • just a quick update. The date has been taken out of the linked version. So when you save a linked RRG-chart as a bookmark. Next time when you pull it up it will be at the, then, current date!
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