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How do I scan S&P500 and chart the number of stocks above 20SMA.

I understand how to scan for individual stocks. I want to chart/graph the number of stocks doing something. Thanks.


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    You can use a user-defined index, explained here:
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    The "search" on StockCharts isn't working for me at the moment but there may be a symbol for that condition.

    This symbol is for the NYSE stocks trading above 150 dma

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    There are also the !GT.... indicators from Decisionpoint for a variety of indexes and the sector ETFs.

    For instance, !GTSPX200 plots the number of stock in the sp500 above the 200 MA. Substitute XLE, XLB, etc. for SPX for the Energy, Materials, etc. sector indexes. There are also !GTxxx50 and !GTxxx20 indicators for those MAs (so !GTSPX20 would track your interest).
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