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Scanning multiple chart lists in a single scan

Would like to be able to save a scan that has multiple chart lists in it. Thought I saw a video of Grayson Roze doing this. I tried to place or in front of each chart list, it kept getting replaced with and. As always, thanks for the help.


  • add your multiple chartlists using the Dropdown to add them to the scan. Do NOT type them in.

    Remove the and from in front of the 1st list.

    Put a [ in front of the 1st list's [. Put a ] after the last list's ]

    Change the "and" to "or" in between the lists.

    Save this scan as whatever name you want.

    Changing the "and" to an "or" means that you want the scan to look at the securities in this list or that list, or the next list.

    If you left them as "and"s, it would only look at symbols that are common to all the lists.

    I've not heard of the scan engine changing your edits before. It may tell you that it doesn't recognize something or display another error message, but I've not heard of it changing anything on it's own.

    [[favorites list is 95] // Ultra ETF's
    or [favorites list is 52] // SC DJ Industry sectors
    or [favorites list is 81]] // 7xx SmlMidQQQ Timeliness Picks
  • Imkwin Thanks again for the help !
  • Imkwin here is what I have
    or[[Chart List]
    or[chart list]
    or[chart list]]
    It isn't working correctly, getting
    If I don't have or in front of the first chart list it tells me my syntax is wrong.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited November 2021
    remove the Or from the 1st chartlist. put a space between the or's and the {chart list for the others.

    copy and paste your code may work better. You can remove the names of the lists of you want. I posted the correct syntax above and I'll copy it here "redacted style"

    [[favorites list is 95] // U
    or [favorites list is 52] // S
    or [favorites list is 81]] // 7

    You have to select the chartlists from the dropdown menu and add them to your scan. Typing them in is something that the editor frowns upon.

    markd would tell you to click on the Advanced Editor button at the top right corner of the scan workbench. It will show you where the issues lie.
  • Imkwin, Thanks again for the help. I placed and before the first chart last chart list, then or in front of the rest, it works !!. Thanks again for all your help.
  • Good you got it to work. I assumed that the chartlists were the first lines of the scan with my suggested code.

    It is always better for assistance in troubleshooting if you can copy the code and paste it in the forum for review, but you figuring it out is also fantastic. Well done.
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