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Can you overlay the MACD indicator over the KST indicator ?

Is it possible to overlay the MACD indicator on top of the KST indicator, to see how they match up on a single chart ?


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited November 2021
    Add MACD indicator
    Add KST indicator as the next indicator below the MACD

    In this example they are shown in the position Below.

    If you want one to display in the same panel as the other. Change the position of the KST, in this example, to be Behind Ind. This put both in the same panel.

    Sometimes it's good to show things in the same panel. Other times they may not line up exactly as you hope. Like the Zero lines may be off in the view, etc. Also the scale for one will show on one side and the scale for the other will show on the other side. It can be confusing in some instances.

    Of course, I showed KST overlaying MACD in the example but it would work the same way reversing them.

  • Many Thanks for Your Insight, Imkwin !

    Happy Trading !
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