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Is there anyway to do a scan for say 30 minutes? lets say I want to see all stocks that crossed the fifty/200 sma in the last 30 minutes?


  • You would have to run daily scans at intervals during the day and compare the results. Symbols in the current results that were not in the previous results would have crossed over between scans.

    I don't remember how the list merge function works - meaning, will it save the same symbol twice. If it does, then when you merge the second list into the first, probably most of the symbols that are not duplicated are new (there could be some symbols in the first list that have crossed back below the 200 between scans, so they wouldn't show up in the second scan, so they wouldn't be duplicated).
  • Thx you that's what I thought.
  • MERGE will add any symbols that aren't in the list already. So List 1 has 20 symbols. List 2 has 20 symbols but 19 are already in List 1. If I merge List 2 into List 1, List 1 will have 21 symbols in it. The 20 that were there already plus the 1 that wasn't.

    I use merge all the time. IF you save a sort to List 1 and then merge List 2 to List 1, the new addition(s) in List 1 will not be numbered, so it's easy to identify the "new" symbols.

    COPY list will add all of the symbols from List 2 to List 1 so that dupes will be shown. So, using the prior example, List 1 would end up with 40 symbols. Any duplicate symbols will have a 2 added as last character to the name of the symbol.

    From experience, COPY is not a great way to work with finding new additions or changes between two lists. Particularly chronological changes. Now, if SC added a column for last update or last viewed or some other type of log file references, then it may work.

    COPY, MERGE, and MOVE will transfer the Chart Notes information (if any) as well.

    Reminder, the scan is looking for daily data. So a cross identified at 11 AM may or may not be valid by the end of the day.
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