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volume alert

I want to get an alert when a specific stock trades a specific daily volume or above. All I see is price to get an alert on a specific stock. thanks for any suggestions


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    I don't use alerts, but it looks like you are probably on the "Price Alerts" page. I'm not sure how you got there, but If you select "Technical Alerts Workbench" from the Member page, then select "Advanced Alert" under "Alert Type", you should see the alert workbench (just like the scan workbench) which should allow you to create just about any kind of alert.

    Post again if still have trouble.
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    thanks for your response
    when I try to put a symbol in the Advanced Alerts Workbench, I get a syntax error.
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    I had to insert symbol from below. It brought up "symbol starts with 'A''. I put my symbol instead of A and the volume insert from below. Works I think. thanks again
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    Custom alerts, unlike price alerts, have to use proper scan syntax - although the scan language is english-like, it doesn't understand things you just make up.

    Here's a video on creating scan alerts - price and custom.

    Here's an explanation on scan writing

    Here are some sample scans you might copy/paste/modify
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    I often will use the Scan workbench to create and double check an Alert scan. I will run the Alert code in the Scan workbench to see if it will return results, AND if it is returning the correct results. Then I'll copy it into the Alert Workbench to create the Alert. I may also save the Alert code as a Scan so I can run it any time I want to, including back dates, etc. I'd name the Scan and Alert the same name for ease of identification if saving in both workbenches.

    With a symbol specified scan you can also nest a few inside of one alert.


    [[Symbol starts with "AAPL"] and [close x 170]]


    [[Symbol starts with "AMAT"] and [RSI(14) x 50]]


    [[Symbol starts with "MSFT"] and [PnF Chart In Xs is true and 1 day ago PnF Chart In Xs is false]]

    I don't recommend this type of 'mixed' alert but you can use the thought process to create groups of like minded alerts. Name them appropriately and it may be intuitive eventually.

    Like you could have all of your symbol volume alerts in one alert called My Symbols Cross Specified Volume Alert for example.

    Another for My RSI Crossed Up Alert or My RSI Crossed Down Alert. And so on.

    If you set the alert to send you an email with triggered results, it will list the symbols as hyperlinks and also the Edit this Alert Link, so you can modify the alert directly from the email.

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