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Plug in not loading

I purchased new plug in tonight, it didn't load, not sure what to do ? I did send an e-mail to Stockcharts, hopefully respond tomrrow.


  • Hi Kevin,

    I hope you have worked this out by now. I haven't used a plug-in on SC so I can't help from my own experience.

    One thought - it's possible you have a security setting somewhere that's blocking the install. Not sure if it would be Windows (or Mac), or your browser. Also possible I suppose that you got a Windows version on a Mac, or vice versa.

  • I've not purchased a plug in. I have the "free" plugins installed but haven't had an issue with it. I did have an issue with the purchased ChartPacks. I purchased the Roze lists several years ago, and it wouldn't load on my account. Turned out that the Roze ChartPack had 90 lists, and that put me over the ChartList limits at the time. I had to delete enough chartlists to get 90 available spots to get it to load.
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