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Two Symbols

Is it possible to require two separate symbols to have the same criteria in one scan, the same scan? An example would be for SPX and SPY. I would like my scan to insist on both symbols to have the same criteria. If SPX [open < close], I would like SPY [open < close] at the same time or on the same day. My first attempt was to create two groups, one for SPX and one for SPY and asked the scan to insist on both groups closing down on the same day but that didn't work.


  • I noticed just now that if I ask for [Favorites list 8] and [Favorites list 2] gives nothing. But, if I ask for [[Favorites list 8] or [Favorites list 2]] I will get either one of the symbols that meet the criteria or both symbols if they both meet the scan criteria. FYI, group 8 has one symbol in it..SPY and group 2 also has one symbol in it...SPX. This may work pretty well, thanks
  • The scan engine returns symbols that meet the all the conditions in the scan.

    So, if you want two symbols to meet the same criteria, you would put them in a list, run a scan that includes the list and the criteria. If both symbols come up, then they both meet the criteria. If one or none come up, then one or neither meets the criteria.
  • Good grief, that's pretty obvious isn't it. Sorry for such a stupid question, thanks
  • There are no stupid questions. This forum is here so we can help each other work through problems and share, hopefully useful, information.
  • Thanks, I can get so absorbed and sometimes overwhelmed in trying to figure out something that I get myself confused sometimes and it can be embarrassing. Thanks for being nice about it
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