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RSI - Formula to list portfolio stocks with RSI value

I asked to SC if there is a way to have a column added to my portfolio list with RSI value, and they said this is not possible.
Question : I suceeded making search like

[type is stock] and [favorites list is 3] // * My Portfolio *
and [RSI(14) < 35]

but the result is only the stocks lower than 35 and their RSI is not displayed.
What would be the formula to have ALL my "watched stocks" with their RSI value ... and best is to be able to sort up and down.

This one shows RSI value on the right
[type = stock] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000] AND [Daily RSI(14,Daily Close) > 30] AND [Yesterday's Daily RSI(14,Daily Close) < 29] AND [2 days ago Daily RSI(14,Daily Close) < 28] AND [3 days ago Daily RSI(14,Daily Close) < 27]

but "mine" is not... WHY ?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2021
    You can display the RSI value on the results page if you use a "rank by" statement at the end of your scan -

    rank by RSI(14)

    However, when you save the results to a list, the RSI value will not appear on the summary page, but they will be numbered in order by (undisplayed) RSI value from higher to lower. You could sort from lower to higher on the summary page by selecting to sort on the name column. If you have included RSI with your chart style, the RSI value will be displayed there. Note that as time goes by, the RSI values will change, so you would have to run the scan again to get a new valid order by RSI.

    If you want to see all the stocks in your list with their RSI on the results page, just write

    [favorites list is 3]
    rank by RSI(14)

    and don't include a condition for the RSI value.
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    The default for Rank By is in descending order. So

    rank by [RSI(14)]

    will display the results of the scan in descending RSI(14) value AND the RSI(14) value will be displayed as the last column in the results.

    To default it the other way in the scan, to ascending order you just need to modify the Rank By to

    rank by [RSI(14)] ascending

    You can also "toggle" the results using the double backslash to have the scan results disregard the ascending request.

    rank by [RSI(14)] //ascending

    Of course, on the results page you can click on the RSI(14) header to sort and re-sort however you'd like, ascending or descending.
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    Thank you all of you. Very good.
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