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is it possible to change the RSI 30/70 range and color

Would like to adjust the 30/70 lines on RSI along with the color area over under the line


  • There may be different options on the Pro level subscription so I can't speak on that. On the Extra level, on SharpCharts, one way would be to use the Annotation tools and add a color filled rectangle with low opacity over the areas of the chart you'd like colored. This would only work on a chart by chart basis.

    Another way, although not as optimal as the annotation, is to use Horizontal Line overlays on the RSI.

    You can color the horizontal lines how you'd like.
    So a Horizontal Line parameter of


    would put a series of lines between 5 and 30 on the RSI panel.

    adding the green lines to the parameter box


    would color between 70-95 with green lines.


    You can adjust the lines closer or further apart to fit your eye.

    below is the Line option with the parameters I showed above and the Annotation method below.

  • Many thanks. I like the wide shaded boxes with lower opacity. I can them move those up or down to match a different range. It also leaves the existing extreme darker colors in place. Thank you for the assistance!
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