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Full Stochastic crossover above/below levels

Hi, I´m trying to create a Scan looking like this: Full stochastic crossover (%D crossing below %K) above #80 ( the converse on #20)on weekly (or Monthly) charts.


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    On the technical scan workbench, select your universe of securities to look at, for example the SP500.

    Then select and Add the Full Stoch and K to the workbench

    1st you should check to see if above 80

    So, Full Stoch D >80 or Full Stoch K > 80

    If you want both above 80 then you can use

    Full Stoch D >80 and Full Stoch K > 80

    Then you can check for a crossover

    One on the RIGHT crosses above the one on the Left.

    For D crossing above K Full Stoch D x Full Stoch K

    For K crossing above D Full Stoch K x Full Stoch D

    Logic works the same for the converse but instead of > 80 you want < 20

    To change the scan to weekly or monthly you just need to add the modifier to each requirement.

    So, Full Stoch D >80 or Full Stoch K > 80

    So, Weekly Full Stoch D >80 or Weekly Full Stoch K > 80
    Or, Monthly Full Stoch D >80 or Monthly Full Stoch K > 80
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    thank you very much for your great help, it was appreciated!!
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    another GREAT way to see other answers, or learn what others are thinking or doing, is to use the search box at the top of this forum or the search on StockCharts. Typing in Full Stochastic produces many results that may or may not be what you are looking for.

    If you get stuck. Always ask for help. There are several people on this forum that have been very helpful to understanding how it may work best, or better for us.
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