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Advanced Scan Help CCI

Just found this forum and this is awesome. Thank you for any help you can provide in advance.

I have been trying to write a SMA scan on the CCI indicator. Nothing seems to be working and I have read through all of the help pages on the site. I want to scan for a value on the SMA for CCI (7) for a period of time.

This is how I had it originally coded:

[SMA(20, CCI (7) > 150]

Stockcharts is not liking the setup. I keep getting this error message. Could not parse "(7 (an integer was expected)

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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    I think you just need second parens to close the sma( ) function.

    [SMA(20, CCI (7)) > 150]
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    Left and right parenthesis counts must match.

    Just like Left and Right bracket counts must.

    For every ( there must be a ).

    For every [ there must be a ].
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