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Need help with advanced scan workbench.

I would like to screen per for the following settings:
- price between $10 and $100
- average daily volume greater than 500,000
- beta greater than 2.0

How would I type that in the scan editor?


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    Here are some sample scans you can probably adapt.

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    don't type anything other than your parameters.

    Select your criteria by using the dropdown menus in the workbench and then clicking the Add button to put the requirement into the workbench. Then change the parameter to your requirements.

    So Price has some options like High, Low, Open, Close. Select the price you want.

    Close will default into the workbench like this:

    and [Close > 99.9]

    Let's say you want the Close price to be between 10 and 100. 2 lines would be required.

    and [Close > 10]
    and [Close < 100]

    If you wanted 10 and 100 to be included in the requested values, you'd change it to read

    and [Close >= 10]
    and [Close <= 100]

    The volume is also a value you can select from the dropdowns.

    Beta is not a saved value in the scan database, so you can't scan for it, but it shows in the Symbol Summary.
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