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Joe Rabil ADX Scan

Wanted to run his scan for ADX 14,14 < 20, having a syntax issue. Question, I think I just use the ADX Line in my scan, not ADX (W/+D1 and -D1} ?


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    Not familiar with Joe Rabil. Paste what you have for code already, and maybe also exactly what you want in plain english and we'll see if we can correct/refine it.
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    I think that the Rabil discussion was around having all the lines less than 20 to indicate basing.

    The ADX Line option defaults into the scan like this:

    and [ADX Line(14) > 20.0]

    The ADX DI+ option defaults into the scan like this:

    and [Plus DI(14) > Minus DI(14)]

    So it defaults to bullish ADX characteristics.

    Select the components you want to include in a scan from the dropdown menus. They default in with the correct syntax. You can then modify the parameters to meet your needs.
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