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Joe Duarte

I'm trying to set up an alert based on Joe Duarte's simple buy and sell signals. $NYAD crosses above or below the 50 DMA and the RSI is above or below 50. Can anyone help me with that?


  • In the Alerts Workbench

    Select the Ticker Properties "Name" Put your symbol in there.

    Select the MA of choice from the Technical Indicators dropdown

    EMA defaults like this:

    and [EMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    you will need to modify this statement to look at the close price so:
    and [EMA(50,close) > 9999999]

    Then you are looking at a comparison of the close vs the 50 dma for a cross up.
    and [close x EMA(50,close)]

    The close crosses above the 50. statement on Left of the x rises above the statement on the right of the x.

    Select the RSI from the technical indicators dropdown and change the default to your specification.

    This is your bullish alert

    Bearish alert would be to change the cross and rsi statement to the appropriate setting

    so EMA x close. rsi < 50

    if you get stuck, post your scan code for troubleshooting by someone here.

    You can also test the code by copying and pasting the code into the scan workbench and running it. To test it change the x to a > or < to match up with where the $NYAD is now to see it return a result.

    The alert will notify IF there is a result that meets the alert code. The scan you can play around with to get to where you want it to be.

  • Looking at the data, I don't think that you will get the alert to be meaningful. To get the data to display like Mr. Duarte suggests in the videos, you have to use a Cumulative chart type.

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