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I want to run a scan, move through the scan results, and see each symbol in a daily, weekly, and monthly chart. I created a 3 chart layout and saved it. When I move through the scan results, it shows me a different symbol on each chart instead of the same symbol in each chart. I clicked the synch button, the synch box etc. Still does it. Any fix or should I just save the results in a .csv and load it up in Tradingview where doing this is easy?


  • ACP has a help section, but I don't see how they addressed the scan results or chartlist sync there. You noticed the Sync option that also appears in the upper Scan window. When I created a 3 window layout Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts and ran the scan it put the 1st 3 symbols into the charts. Clicking on the 4th symbol in the results synced the charts to symbol 4, 5 and 6 on the list.

    So symbol 4 was the daily for symbol 4. Symbol 5 showed the weekly for symbol 5. Symbol 6 showed the monthly for symbol 6. I wasn't able to get it to do the one symbol in all three panels.

    I bet you they can fix this. Right now, i think the only way to get your idea of the sync to work with the multi period display of one symbol is to type the symbol into the symbol entry window.

    Shoot Support a message on this. They are really hot on fixing ACP.
  • I got it figured out.

    Create the layout.
    Make sure the box above your results with the << >> next to it is white and not blue.
    Add the symbol to each chart in the layout.
    Then synch the symbol.

  • Well Done!!
  • Yes. Thanks jedwa11. A big help! I have been having the same problem on occasion and couldn't figure out the cause. I would not call your solution intuitive. I doubt that I could have figured this out without running across your post.

    Would a "gem" such as this be found anywhere in StockChart's documentation? Without sound documentation that can lead the user's troubleshooting to solutions, the user is all too often left with simply trial-and-error methods to locate solutions to anomalous behavior. I all too frequently run into anomalies such as this one where I am not able to figure out the cause of the anomalous behavior or locate StockChart documentation sufficiently detailed enough to lead one to the correct operational procedure, or at least a procedure that works.

    A "Stockchart Troubleshooting Guide" or a generalized "Tips and Tricks" might be a big help toward easing user frustration.

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    @peteb There is an extensive amount of documentation on the site. The really nice thing is that we have this user forum in which we can assist each other with questions and issues. It is a lot better set up than most other sites. Nasdaq Dorsey Wright just shut down their user forum. 1st they disabled the search function a couple years ago. They didn't see the value in it and didn't poll their subscribers. Beginning of the month they shut it down. Now you have to take what you get from their support. A goldmine of information was available there (now gone) as well as a method for users to communicate issues and solutions to all sorts of questions.

    This forum has decades of gems with an effective search tool. It's one of the best features to speed up the learning process, whether it be site questions / issues, or general technical analysis discussion. I have found that the support is somewhat non-responsive to questions on site issues unless there is a problem/bug involved.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2022
    Support is there for technical issues - something actually doesn't work, or data is wrong. They are not staffed to help with using the site - scan writing, setting up charts and indicators, etc. Way too expensive for the subscription price. The documentation is continually updated, however, and is pretty extensive. This site came about because there was a demand among users to share tricks and tips and thoughts about the market, and there were users willing to share their knowledge. As far as I know (I don't work for Stockcharts, I don't know anyone there) Stockcharts sponsors the platform but all content is from users only.
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