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ETF Expense Ratios

Hi Guys:

Most traders of ETFs would include preliminary scans of Size (assets under management), Liquidity (average daily trading volume) and Cost (expense ratio). Unfortunately, I am unable to find any information on the critically important expense ratio for any ETF I am researching. Is this item hidden somewhere?




  • Available non-charted symbol data is displayed using the "Full Quote" option in the "Chart Attributes" section on the Chart Workbench, or using the "Symbol Summary" link at the bottom of the Chart Workbench page.

    Available scan options are listed in the drop downs under the scan window on the Advanced Scan Workbench. There are just a few fundamental data items located in Ticker Properties or Price, Volume and SCTRs. If an option isn't there, it isn't scannable.

    From the Symbol Summary page, it looks like SC intends to add more fundamental data, but it hasn't happened yet for some symbol categories.
  • Thank you Mark. Essentially, I am correct in assuming that this critically useful information is not available. I will post a suggestion that this be considered.

    Kind regards,

  • "Critically important" and "useful" are relative terms, but it doesn't appear in the data supplied on the system.

    In the Symbol Summary there is a link to the corporate entity's website (if available). The ETF's appear to have links to the ETF sponsor's website where the expense ratio is available straight from the horse's mouth.

    They may add it after your suggestion. Even more so if it's something that they can get excited about for ACP. Although Grayson claimed that 2021 was going to be a big year of enhancements, adding things on the SharpCharts system appears to have run into a strong resistance line.

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