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Stochastic Close or Full Help

Hi all,

I have been working on a Scan to pick a stock from my chart list for 125,5,1 SMA-125 smoothing 5 Day. I am not getting the accurate results when I look at the charts that come up.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2022
    I don't think I understand exactly what condition you are looking for.

    Can you share the relevant scan code (working or not) , with a "plain english" explanation of the condition(s) it is supposed to find?

    A screen shot of a chart from your list that illustrates the condition occurring would be great, too (but not essential if you have a problem uploading it).
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    Hello Mark, I am reworking on all of my scans

    Here is an example of what works but I want to add more parameters
    [favorites list is 14] // 0201 Trend List
    and [Full Stoch %K(125,5,1) > 60.0]

    I want to be able to to capture:
    StochClose (125,5,1) Between >=45 and <=59

    Planning on working on this over the weekend. I love the new features
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    It appears that "StochClose" is not available in the scan engine. If something is not listed in the drop downs under the scan writing window, you can't scan for it (although, I suppose it's possible there might sometimes be a lag between introduction of a new indicator and an update to the dropdowns, but that doesn't seem to be the case here - the advanced editor should auto-complete any existing term, and it doesn't for StochClose).

    But, if %K is an acceptable substitute, you would have one line for each condition:

    and [Full Stoch %K(125,5,1) >=45]
    and [Full Stoch %K(125,5,1) <=59]
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    Mark, Yes and thank you
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